These are my standard rod configurations;

  • Bear Creek - 2 piece 4 weight, 90 inches.
  • Beaver Creek - 2 piece, 4 weight, 78 inches.
  • Boulder Creek - 2 piece, 3 weight, 75 inches.
  • Chalk Creek - 2 piece, 4 weight, 84 inches.
  • Clear Creek - 3 piece, 5 weight, 72 inches.
  • Conejos Creek - 2 piece, 5 weight, 75 inches.
  • Gore Creek - 2 piece, 6 weight, 90 inches.
  • Michigan Creek - 2 piece, 2 weight, 84 inches.
  • Muddy Creek - 3 piece, 4 weight, 84 inches.
  • Saguache Creek - 2 piece, 3 weight, 84 inches.
  • Sand Creek - 2 piece, 4 weight, 60 inches.
  • San Luis Creek - 2 piece, 5 weight, 84 inches. Nice parabolic rod.
  • Spruce Creek - 2 piece, 6 weight, 72 inches.
  • Willow Creek - 2 piece, 5 weight, 84 inches.

A $450 non-refundable deposit will be required prior to start of build, please allow between 3 and 4 months from deposit to shipment of your new rod. Call and we can discuss your rod; your fishing preferences, modifications to the standard configuration.

Bamboo Rod Deposit

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of rod tapers available to the average rod maker and while I am able to make them all (and will make any taper requested by my clients), I have chosen a few which I believe to be the most versatile.

                          - Custom, hand crafted bamboo fly rods -

Bamboo Rods

My rods are custom made for each individual client. I use only the highest quality tonkin bamboo sourced from Dave Serafin at Angler's Bamboo. I make my own reel seats, turn reel seat inserts from numerous exotic wood species, turn grips from cork supplied by Marcia Azevedo and make ferrules on my Sherline lathe (I even twist my snake guides from nickel silver or bronze wire). Each rod requires about 110 hours to complete.

I have a base configuration for my rods which a client may order for a flat price. This configuration consists of blond or ammonia toned bamboo, cap and ring or double sliding band  reel seat with an insert of the clients choosing (based upon the wood species in stock at the time of order),  nickel silver ferrules and snake guides (either bright or black), an agate stripper guide (based upon .agate colors in stock at time of order) and silk thread of the clients choosing. Because each fly rod is custom created for the individual client, prices often depend on the extravagance and embellishments applied to each rod.  The following are base prices for the rods offered.

2 piece with 1 tip $1250
2 piece with 2 tips $1350
3 piece with 1 tip $1350
3 piece with 2 tips $1450

Penta configuration add $250

Hepta configuration add $250

The following customizations are available at an additional cost.

Intermediate wraps add $200

Tipping wraps add $75

Up or down screw-locking reel seats add $50