- Custom, hand crafted bamboo fly rods -


Rod Making

Whether you are a fly fisher, a bait caster or a spin fisherman there is a bamboo rod available for your liking. Many fisherman today laud the marvels of today's materials as being the best without even looking towards bamboo. Bamboo has been around for over 150 years and many makers across the globe still prefer the feel you get from bamboo. Some folks will say that bamboo can't be used in salt, others will say they aren't as responsive as the modern materials, this is all false. While most bamboo rod classes specialize in fly rods only, I want to show you that bamboo is still a material to be reckoned with.

So what makes my classes so different? I won't rush you through the build. Most all classes are done in a week (6 days actually. For the seasoned rodmaker it's not unusual to spend between 40 and 60 hours to finish a rod. That translates to somewhere around 80 hours for a beginner! Over a 6 day period that means over 13 hour days. Many of my former students have enjoyed the long build process as it lets them absorb each step and has allowed them to think through their rod.

I believe you deserve the time necessary to make your first rod so my classes are structured around the build process, some days will long others will be half days. I offer one on one classes and unlike many makers that offer classes, you move at your own pace, whether it takes you 4 weeks or 4 months we'll stay with it until your rod is complete, the class entails making a 2 piece, single tip rod. While there are a few process steps that I have you observe, you do all of the work on your rod so whether you're a seasoned woodworker or a total novice you can say you made the rod at the end. During your build you will:

  • select a culm of bamboo **
  • band saw strips **
  • run strips through the Bellinger beveler
  • heat treat strips
  • plane strips to final taper
  • glue strips
  • impregnate rod sections
  • turn cork grip *
  • turn reel seat insert *
  • make snake guides *
  • cut ferrule stations
  • turn butt for grip and reel seat
  • wrap guides (your choice of silk thread color)
  • glue and pin ferrules
  • glue and pin reel seat

* If you are not interested in making many of the components we can substitute ones from very reputable suppliers.

** I typically have bamboo ready to bevel, some of it ammonia toned, you are welcome to substitute this.

The rod making classes are $1250 with a $250 deposit to reserve your time, please contact me to discuss your rod and look at a time frame to start.