- Custom, hand crafted bamboo fly rods -


Rod Making

Ever see someone fishing with a bamboo fly rod and say to yourself "gee, I'd like to have one of those"?, take a rod making class! Whether you are a seasoned woodworker or a couch potato. I offer one on one classes and unlike many makers that offer classes, you move at your own pace, whether it takes you 4 weeks or 4 months we'll stay with it until your rod is complete, the class entails making a 2 piece, single tip rod.

I spend about 100 hours making each rod and the components. You will go through the same steps as you make your rod. During your build you will:

  • select a culm of bamboo **
  • band saw strips **
  • run strips through the Bellinger beveler
  • heat treat strips
  • plane strips to final taper
  • glue strips
  • impregnate rod sections
  • turn cork grip *
  • turn reel seat insert *
  • make snake guides *
  • cut ferrule stations
  • turn butt for grip and reel seat
  • wrap guides (your choice of silk thread color)
  • glue and pin ferrules
  • glue and pin reel seat

* If you are not interested in making many of the components we can substitute ones from very reputable suppliers.

** I typicallyhave bamboo ready to bevel, some of it ammonia toned, you are welcome to substitute this.

The rod making classes are $950, please contact me to discuss your rod and look at a time frame to start.

Bar Stock Ferrule Turning

Due to the limited availability of 18% nickel silver tubing I make all my ferrules from solid bar stock and have developed a process that delivers exceptional ferrules that rival any tube ferrules. I have asked numerous times about how I make ferrules so I decided to set up a ferrule making class.

Expect to spend one day in my shop for this class, we will discuss the process I go through and finish by building a set of ferrules.

The ferrule classes are $165, please contact me to discuss your rod and look at a time frame to start.