Impregnated Furled Leaders

Furled leaders are constructed similar to a length of rope except with a taper. Furled leaders are the finest leaders available. Not only do they offer superior casting performance and a delicate presentation, they are stronger than standard knotted or tapered monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders. The leaders have little or no 'memory' so no lengthy straightening process is required

                          - Custom, hand crafted bamboo fly rods -

Each leader is hand woven and made to order, occasionally I have leaders on hand so please ask before ordering. Each leader's build span is approximately 2 weeks due to the impregnation and drying process.

Standard leaders are available in lengths of 38, 54, 72 and 90 inches (each leader is individually made to order so custom lengths are available from 36 to 130 inches).

All leaders are made standard with a Shorb loop at the butt for loop to loop attachment to a fly line and with a tippet ring at the tip for easy attachment and replacement of tippet material. Tippet rings at the butt are available but must be requested prior to construction.

All leaders are impregnated with a proprietary material that is environmentally safe.

Leaders are made of the finest silk I can source depending on the type and size of leader I’m making.

Leaders are constructed as nymph, with a heavier butt for sinking a fly quickly or dry fly with a long progressive tip made to present even the tiniest flies gently on the water. Leaders are available in three weights to match fly line weights; light - 0 through 3 weight lines, recommended tippet sizes 5x through 8x; medium - 4 through 6 weight lines, medium is the most popular size, recommended tippet sizes 3x through 5x and heavy - 7 through 9 weight lines, recommended tippet sizes 0x to 4x.

All leader prices include free CONUS shipping, inquire about international shipping.

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