Bamboo Table Saw Jig and Bamboo Band Saw Jig

These jigs came about after a discussion at the Colorado Rodmakers Reunion in July 2014. Several rodmakers were sitting around discussing the new band saw jig Jed Dempsey had just put out when someone suggested trying to saw cane with the enamel side down thus eliminating the all the work to clean out nodal dams. I really liked that idea since I was already sawing my strips.

I spent the next couple of months working on different ideas until I came up with what you see here

The table saw jig is designed to hold a half culm of bamboo which makes it possible to get an initial clean, straight cut on your culm. The jig is five feet long with three bungee hold-downs to secure the bamboo. The right side of the jig is positioned 2.625" from the blade, I suggest the use of feather boards on the left side of the jig to ensure it runs true.

The band saw fence is placed to the left of the blade by the desired thickness of the bamboo strip. The band saw jig is mounted to the table of the band saw flush to the fence. There is a .5625' deep slot where the band saw blade goes, this allows strips up to .500" wide. The cut side of the bamboo is placed against the fence and pushed down the fence to give you the desired width strip. I have sawed numerous culms of bamboo with very few strips needing straightening.

Watch the videos to see how to use these.


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Ferrule Hone

The ferrule hone is a must have for every rodmaker who fits their own metal ferrules!

Designed by the late Tom Morgan and with the help of James Bond, I produce a tool that  is invaluable in the home shop. Ferrules, by nature, are not round and most rodmakers just fit the male and female together with no regard to the roundness of the male. Not surprising when you see scratches on opposite sides of a ferrule not to mention the burrs being created in the female. Enter the ferrule hone. Equipped with a stone on one side and a bronze guide on the other the ferrule hone can make any out of round ferrule round.  The hones comes with a standard micrometer head capable of .0001 accuracy and .0001 repeatability, also available with a Mitutoyo micrometer head. Choose from three different guide/stones sets for size 8 to 14 ferrules, 15 to 19  ferrules or 20 to 25 ferrules.

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Shrink Wrap

I have shrink wrap available in 2, 3 and 4 inch widths.

The 2 inch width is perfect protection for your cork grips during construction, the 3 inch width can be used to protect a rod tube label for 1-5/8 inch rod tubes, the 4 inch protects labels for 2 and 2-1/2 inch rod tubes.

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                          - Custom, hand crafted bamboo fly rods -

Snake Guide Maker Kit

For those of you that want to twist your own snake guides I have a snake maker kit that will twist guides from 4/0 to 6 and as a bonus I provide barrels that you can use to twist hook keepers. Made from C360 brass and a stainless steel dowel pin the snake twister is small and functional.

The kit also includes a foot press that can be used with a vise or arbor press to flatten the feet, the press is made from A2 tool steel and hardened for durability. The foot press is designed to fit the guides made from my twister.

My personal preference for snakes is either 18% half-hard nickel silver wire or half hard bronze wire however you can use music wire, memory wire or stainless steel wire.

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